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Somerset Comedy Festival: A Decade's Dream Comes to Life

After years of experience in the comedy industry, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Somerset Comedy Festival in 2024!

As Genius PR & Events Ltd celebrates its 10th anniversary, what began as a dream has now become a reality.

This exciting venture is made possible by our extensive network of venues and businesses throughout the county, coupled with our robust connections and relationships within the comedy industry.

The time is perfect, and we can’t wait to share the laughter with you. Welcome to the home of Somerset Comedy Festival!

UPCOMING SHOWS: Now released!

Our schedule has now been released, click a poster below or see our full schedule.


Explore the Diverse Venues of Somerset Comedy Festival

At the heart of the Somerset Comedy Festival lies our eclectic selection of venues.

Each location is more than just a backdrop for the performances; they are integral to the unique spirit and success of the festival.

From historic theatres to modern community centers and open-air spaces, our venues are carefully chosen to provide a diverse and vibrant atmosphere for every show.



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We are thrilled to extend an invitation for your brand to join the festivities at the Somerset Comedy Festival 2024, a celebration of laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. As we gear up for an event that promises to be the highlight of the comedy calendar, we actively seek partners who share our passion for entertainment and community engagement.

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